Frost 1: Power by Zenith Nadir (2003)

Frost, somewhat alike to ESP is a story told through zzt. However frost is even more exposition heavy, there is little gameplay, and what there is is shit.
The initial tutorial for swordfighing is useless, as you don't use swords like that later, which is a shame, because the way you fight later is by touching enemies, which is also how they damage you. The first section is especially awful: monsters keep spawning, you aren't sure about how to kill enemies without taking too much damage and you have to get through it two times. With what little health you have left you have to evade bullets and skeletons you can't kill. I cheated for health, and recommend you do the same. The story is... ok. There are some hiccups in the writing, but overall it's alright. The art is good, and what little music there is too.

Verdict: Don't play the game, read the comic. It's slightly shorter but it's better. Or maybe don't bother at all because it's unfinished. Whatever